1-5/8" Double Hole Feeder Cable Clamp

                        1-5/8" Double Hole Feeder Cable Clamp

1-5/8" Double Hole Feeder Cable Clamp image

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1-5/8" Double Hole Feeder Cable Clamp


C Type

Stainless Steel

Tower Installation





1 PCS / Bag, Xx PCS / Carton Box


Jiangsu, China


Product Details

1-5/8" Double Hole Feeder Cable Clamp

1-5/8" Feeder Cable Clamp is double hole type, each unit of hanger can fix two runs of 1-5/8" cables and can be stacked up to fix six 1-5/8" cables. The cable clamp is divided into two run, four fun and six run for different installation requirements.

Volda’s cable clamps are designed and manufactured to ensure long term integrity in extreme environments including mountain tops, deserts and industrial applications. We provide a great variety of clamp types such as single hole type, 3 hole type, leaky type for our customers to choose according to specific installation situations.

Technical Specification

Pos Component Material
1 M8 Threaded Rod 304 Stainless
2 M8 Nut 304 Stainless
3 M8 Spring Washer 304 Stainless
4 M8 Flat Washer 304 Stainless
5 Double Hole Hanger – 1 5/8" PP
6 Angle Adapter 304 Stainless
7 M8 x 40mm Hexagon Head Screw 304 Stainless


Features of Volda’s Feeder Cable Clamps

» Waterproof: Our feeder cable clamps are manufactured out of 304 stainless steel and UV resistant polypropylene (PP) or ABS plastic and anti-aging rubber inserts. They can be installed in different environments and won’t be eroded by water.

» Fireproof: Our cable clamps are manufactured out of stainless steel 304 and UV resistant polypropylene (PP) or ABS engineering plastic. They can be operated in different range of temperatures.

» Service Life: Our feeder cable clamps are manufactured by skilled & experienced wokers and quality inspected from raw material through product package. With fine workmanship, good quality and strict quality control, our cable clamps can service up to 10 years.

Production & Packages 

Volda’s Service

Volda always believes that satisfied customers are the foundation of our long-term business development and we’re moving forward to a new level point.

» Quick response to customer’s requirements and questions.

» Flexible design, drawing & molding services are available.

» Experienced account managers to provide you accurate prices and technical documents needed.

» Product manufacturing and assembling by skilled workers.

» Quality inspection from raw materials to production and packages.

» Multiple payment methods like T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union.

» Multiple shipment methods for your choice: rail way, sea way, air way, economic express, etc.

» Set up customer files and provide efficient tracking services.

About Volda

Volda is professional in manufacturing coaxial cable accessories and is dedicated to providing telecommunication tower components, installation solutions and designing new products for base station infrastructures. We supply a full line of coax support and weatherproofing accessories from the ground to the top of telecommunication towers, including coaxial connectors, feeder cables, cable clamps, grounding & lightning protection, wall cable entry systems, pulling grips, etc.

Every Volda product is manufactured and packaged by skilled workers and selected & used by China local telecom providers, distributors and operators throughout the world, covering United States, Australia, South America, Europe, Africa, etc. We are always focusing on providing high standard quality products to every customer with competitive prices and good services.

With many years experience in telecommunication, Volda has established a sophisticated supply chain, we know how to optimize the material costs and offer competitive prices. Our mission is to help you maximize profits while providing the highest level of quality and services possible to build up mutually beneficial relationships.

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