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1 Year

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Production Capacity
100 Sets Per Year

Product Description

1. Technical parameter

1.1 Furnace capacity
      Nominal tapping capacity                                40t
      Average tapping capacity                               50t (Hot heel: 6-8t)
      Tap to tap time(tap 50t liquid steel)                 70 mins. (100% scrap, 2 times top charging)
      Method of charging                                         Top (using charging buckets and hopper)
      Method of tapping                                           EBT
1.2 Furnace body
      Shell internal diameter                                    Ф4800mm
      Side wall construction                                     Water cooled ,tubular
      Forward tilting angle (steel tapping)               20°
      Backward tilting angle (slag tapping)              12°
      Roof construction                                           Water-cooled, tubular
      Roof lifting distance                                        400mm
      Roof rotation angle                                         65°
      Furnace door size                                           1000mm×900mm (W×H)
1.3 Heavy current system
      Electrode diameter                                          Ф500mm (UHP)
      Pitch circle diameter                                        Ф1200mm
      Electrode lifting distance                                 3100mm
      Electrode traveling speed                               9 / 6m/min (up/down, hydraulic driven)
      Short net Impedance                                      ≤0.65+j3mΩ
      Three phase unbalance                                 ≤5%
1.4 Furnace transformer & series reactor
      Transformer capacity                                     32MVA+20% (long term)
      Primary voltage                                              20kV, 3P, 50Hz
      Secondary voltage                                         650-500-350V (15 taps, ABB tap changer)
      Secondary current                                         36950A
      Cooling mode                                                OFWF
      Reactor capacity                                           6MVar
      Reactor tap                                                   100%, 70%, 50%, 25%, 0%
1.5 Hydraulic system
      Hydraulic working pressure                           12MPa
      Hydraulic medium                                          Water-glycol (Buyer’s scope)
1.6 Cooling water
      Water pressure                                              0.4MPa
      Inlet water temperature                                  ≤35ºC
      Outlet water temperature                               ≤55ºC
      Total water circulation flow                             600 t/h
      Emergency water                                           300 t (for 30mins. @ 0.25MPa)
      Water quality                                                  Industrial clean water
1.7 Lance & carbon injection system
      Oxygen working pressure                               0.8-1.0MPa
      Oxygen flow rate                                             2900Nm3/h (max.)
      Oxygen nozzle speed                                     2 Mach
      CNG working pressure                                   0.4MPa
      CNG flow rate                                                 800Nm3/h (max.)
      Compressed air working pressure                  0.8MPa
      Compressed air consumption                         600Nm3/h (max.)
      Carbon powder consumption                          20-30kg/min.
1.8 Others
      L.V. power installation capacity                      100kW
      Furnace shell weight                                      105t (with refractory lining)

2.   Supply list & break down price list

SN Item Qty Remark
1 Mechnical parts    
1.1 Furnace body (upper shell and lower shell) 1 set  
1.2 Tilting mechanism 1 set  
1.3 Water cooled roof and water pipe 1 set  
1.4 Roof lifting and rotating mechanism 1 set  
1.5 Electrode arms and traveling mechanism 1 set  
1.6 EBT platform 1 set  
1.7 Rotation frame locking device 1 set  
1.8 Electrode nippling station 1 set  
1.9 Cooling water distributor 1 set  
2 Electrical parts    
2.1 Transformer 32MVA/20kV c/w cooler 1 set ABB tap changer
2.2 Reactor 6MVar/20kV c/w cooler 1 set  
2.2 20kV high voltage system (GBC40.5kV panel) 1 set Schneider VCB
2.3 Short network with water cooled cables 1 set  
2.4 Lower voltage system 1 set  
2.5 PLC automation and HMI system 1 set Siemens PLC S7-300
3 Auxiliary items    
3.1 Hydraulic power pack 1 set Proportional valve & pump make: Parker
3.2 Compressed air device 1 set  
3.3 Lubrication station 1 set Xi’an or Qidong
3.4 Water cooled door oxygen lance manipulator 1 set with hydraulic station
3.5 CNG, oxygen, carbon wall lance (4 pcs.) 1 set with valves stand
3.6 Steel temperature & measuring thermometer 1 set with LED display
4 Others (packing, china trans., customs, etc) 1  
  FOB china port price  

Supplied by the Buyer:
1) Installation and installation materials, Hydraulic medium, lubrication medium and cleaning medium, Graphite
electrodes, Furnace refractory lining;
2) Civil works and design (Seller provides furnace foundation drawings and civil work requirements), embedded
furnace foundation parts;
3) Water supply and gas supply main inlet are laid to Seller’s equipment connection point, H.V. incoming line is
connected to Seller’s H.V. panel and furnace transformer terminals, L.V. line is connected to Seller’s L.V.
distribution panel.
3. Delivery: 6 month after the Seller receiving down payment.


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