Aluminum Armor 14/3 Factory Huatong Cables 14/2 Cable AC90 Wire

                Aluminum Armor 14/3 Factory Huatong Cables 14/2 Cable AC90 Wire
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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Material Shape
Round Wire

Range of Application
Building Wire

Huatong Cables

Transport Package
Plywood Drums

Huatong Cables


HS Code

Product Description

600V Type AC90(BX) Cables

  1. Circuit conductor: solid or stranded annealed bare copper wires, according to ASTM B3, ASTM B8;
  2. Insulation: XLPE, type RW90;

  Identification by colors: for 2 cores, by black and white;
                         For 3 cores, by black, white and red;
                         For 4 cores, by black, red, blue, white

  1. Bonding wires: annealed bare copper wires
  2. Wrapping tape: PP tape
  3. Armoure: aluminium tape interlock armour

For open and concealed wiring in dry locations only.
For use in cable troughs and ventilated flexible cableways in dry locations only. Minimum recommended
installation temperature minus 40°C (with suitable handling procedures).
Maximum conductor temperature 90°C. Approved for use with ceiling fixtures.

Standard: CSA Standard C22.2 No. 51, and C22.2 No.38

Working temperature: -40ºC to +90ºC

Voltage: up to 600V

Circuit conductor Bonding wire Insulation Thickness Approx. OD
No.& AWG Nos of strands No.& AWG Nos of strands          mm mm
14/2 1 14 1 0.76 11.5
14/3 1 14 1 0.76 12.1
12/2 1 14 1 0.76 12.3
12/3 1 14 1 0.76 13.0
10/2 1 12 1 0.76 13.7
10/3 1 12 1 0.76 14.4

Plywood drums, 75 or 150meters normally.

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