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                        BVVB Cable Used for Electircal
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Quick Details

BVVB Cable Used for Electircal


Chang Qing Teng


Flame Retardant

Flat Wire




Heating, Underground, Electric, Power




Single/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/10/16 Core…



IEC 60502-1, BS 7870-6, BS 6622, BS 7835, GB 5023-

Stranded/Solid/Flexible Copper/Aluminum Conductor


Electric, House Wire, Building Wire…

Copper Wire Screen(Cws), Aluminium Wire Screen(Aws

Steel Tape Armoured (Sta) or Steel Wire Armoured (


Plastic Cover,Non-Fumigation Wooden Drum,Iron-Wood



Product Details


  • 100m or 1.5mm twin and earth for wiring lights and light switches
  • Standard house wiring cable with grey outer sheath
  • BASEC approved, conforms with BS6004
  • New harmonised core identification
  • Brown = Live – Blue = Neutral – Earth = Bare Wire

 1.5mm twin and earth cable for ring main and sockets. Maximum current 27 amp. Solid, Plain annealed Copper. BASEC approved, conforms
with BS6004. New harmonised core identification. PVC insulation. Brown = Live – Blue = Neutral – Earth = Bare Wire


Product Details  

Brand ShanHua
Standard G8/T5023-2008  JB8734-1998
Nominal Cross Area:  Nominal Cross Area 3*0.75 mm²
Conductor Material 99.9% oxygen free copper
Insulation Material Eco-friendly PVC
Insulation Thickness 0.8mm
Standard Length 100M ( ±0.5M )
Rated Voltage 450V / 750V
MAX OD 4.9mm
Approx Weight 63KG/KM
Main Colors Red, Yellow,Green,Blue, Bi-Colors(yellow and green)
Applications Laundry machine, plug-in water heater, refrigerator, floor air conditioner
Used In Indoors / outdoor household dection, engineering construction projects




Product Selection Guide

Item Name Soft or Hard Cable Core No Oxidation Stability Working Life Insulation Sheath
BV Solid Wire Single Core Hard to be oxidized Excellent 50 years if no human damage Yes No
BVR Flexible Cable Multi Cores Hard to be oxidized Excellent 50 years if no human damage Yes No
BVVB Double-Lines Cable 2 or more cores(separate single wire) hard to be oxidized Excellent 50 years if no human damage Yes Yes
RVV Double-Lines Cable 2 or more cores(separate single wire) hard to be oxidized Excellent 50 years if no human damage Yes Yes


                        BV Solid Cable                        BVR Flexible Cable              BVVB Double-lines Cable           RVV Double-lines Cable



1. Differences between Flame Retardant and Common Cables

Flame retardant cables used mostly in industrial and mining enterprises and hotels. It`s not burn readily,and it will be out when away from fire.
Acc. to the retardant grades of ZA/ZB/ZC/(ZR),household may choose the ZR/ZC items.



                                        Red cable is for live wire,        the Yellow & Green Cables are for earth wire



                             Green,white,yellow,blue,black are for null wires



3. Voltage

Nominal Cross Area 220V 380V Nominal Cross Area 220V 380V
1.5mm² 4900 watt 14000 watt 10mm² 12500 watt 35500 watt
2.5mm² 5500 watt 15500 watt 16mm² 16200 watt 46000 watt
4mm² 7200 watt 20500 watt 25mm² 21100 watt 60000 watt
6mm² 9200 watt 26000 watt 35mm² 26400 watt 75000 watt


Note: Above voltages are all MAX(maximum), Acc. to specific working environment differences, there is a bit deviation, please keep 20%
Tolerance. It`s just for reference.


4. Cable Consumption Calculation

Note: Specified Quantity Depends on Actual Execution and Construction

Decration Area 50-70m² 70-100m² 100-140m²
Lightings 1.5mm²,  200m 1.5mm²,  300m 1.5mm²,  400m
Outlets 2.5mm²,  300m 2.5mm²,  500m 2.5mm²,  600m
Air condition and water heating 4mm²,  50m 4mm²,  100m 4mm²,  150m
Centrial air-conditioning —— 6mm²,  50m 6mm²,  50m
House service wire 6mm²,  50m 6mm²,  50m 6mm²,  50m


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