Customized 2.5mm Electric Cable PVC Coated Wire

                        Customized 2.5mm Electric Cable PVC Coated Wire
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Quick Details

Customized 2.5mm Electric Cable PVC Coated Wire

pvc coated wire


ISO9001, CCC

Normal Electrical Used

Round Wire

PVC or Nylon

PVC or Nylon


Housing Used

Solid or Stranded



as Your Require

as Your Require

Under 1kv

70c 90c 120c 200c

None Armour

7, 19, 37, 54, 61, 91



Plastic Film/ Plastic Drum


Henan China


Product Details

Building Used Copper Conductor PVC Or Nylon Insulated Electric Wire Cable

1  Main application
This porduct is suitable for linking the household electrical appliance,small electric tools,Instrument and power lighting devices with the rated voltage equal or less than 450/750V AC.The operation temperature of the wire is 90ºC for BV-90 and RV-90,BV-105 modle not morethan 105ºC,The other is 90ºC.Installation temperature not lower than 0ºC. standard: IEC60227 or 

Structure of cable wire

3 Type,designation and application  

Item Type Description
1 60227 IEC 01(BV) Single core rigid conductor unsheathed cable 
for general purposes(H07V-U or H07V-R)
2 60227 IEC 02(RV) Single core flexible conductor unsheathed cable
 for general purposes(H07V-K)
3 60227 IEC 05(BV) Single core 70ºC solid conductor unsheathed cable
 for internal wiring(H05V-U or H05V-R)
4 60227 IEC 06(RV) Single core 70ºC flexible conductor unsheathed cable
 for internal wiring(H05V-K)
5 60227 IEC 07(BV-90) Single core 90ºC solid conductor unsheathed cable 
for internal wiring(H07V-U or H07V-R)
6 60227 IEC 08(RV-90) Single core 90ºC flexible conductor unsheathed cable
 for internal wiring(H07V-K)
7 60227 IEC 10(BVV) Light PVC sheathed cable(NYY or NYM)
8 60227 IEC 42(RVB) Flat unsheathed flexible wire
9 60227 IEC 52(RVV) Light PVC sheathed flexible wire
10 60227 IEC 53(RVV) Common PVC sheathed flexible wire
11 BV Copper conductor PVC insulated wire(H07V-U or H07V-R)
12 BLV Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wire
13 BVR Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable(H07V-R)
14 BVV Copper conductor PVC insulated sheathed
 circular cable(NYY or NYM)
15 BLVV Aluminum conductor PVC insulated and sheathed round cable
16 BVVB Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flat cable
17 BLVVB Aluminum conductor PVC insulated sheathed flat cable
18 NMD Copper conductor PVC/Nylon Insulated PVC Jacked flat cable
19 RVS Twisted copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable for conection
20 AVP Copper conductor PVC insulated wire with shied for installation
21 RVP Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible wire with shield
22 RVVP Copper conductor PVC insulated, shielded, 
PVC sheathed flexible cable


    Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd. located in No. 3, Changping Road, ZhanDian District, Jiaozuo, Wuzhi. Our factroy established in March of 2004. Our owns registered capital of RMB Fifty-one million six hundred and eighty thousand. Hongda Cable
covers an area of 100,000 square meters, including 50,000 square meters of building area. We have more than 120 staff members and professional workers. our fixed assets of 90,000,000. We can provide more than 100 varieties, tens of thousands of specifications of wire and cable, with 10000 km annual production capacity
    Henan Hongda Cable Co. Ltd. is the original Zhengzhou Hongda Cable Co. Ltd. established enterprise expansion. The company is committed to system R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of cable products,We mainly aim at managing cross-linking XLPE insulated power cables, PVC insulated power cables, plastic insulated control cables, insulated overhead cables, and stranded aluminum and ACSR. At present, the cables’ biggest cross area is 800 square meters with a maximum electric power of 35KV. The company has more than 300 (sets) domestic and oversea-leading production and testing equipment

5.Packing and Transportation
  We provide you with the best product packaging design services, thereby allowing you to save more shipping charges


  Q: Are you the factory or the trading company?

   A: We are the factory. 

  Q: How long is your guarantee Period?

   A: We uaually offer 1 year guarantee for our general products.

  Q: How can I get the samples?

   A: We can make the sample order. And usually we will charge for it. 

       But the samples fee will be return to you when you make the bulk order.

  Q: Where is your factory? How can we visit your factory?

   A: Our factory located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province. You could reach here by train and by air.

       We can pick you up in the airport and the railway station.

  Q; What is your MOQ?

   A: It`s base on the cable type or wire type. Please contact me. We will let you know.
8. Contact information

Frank Hu
Marketing & Sales
Henan Hongda Cable Co.,Ltd 
Changping Rd No.3, Zhangdian New district, Wuzhi,Jiaozuo,Henan,China




We are China Customized 2.5mm Electric Cable PVC Coated Wire manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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