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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Pin Type Insulator DIN Series

Size of Bearing Capacity

ISO9001, DIN

Brown or Light Gray


Transport Package
Standard Package




HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

 Pin insulators are designed to provide line support. The functions of these insulators is to support the conductor directly on the head or neck of the insulator (top and side grooves). Our pin insulators are designed and 
manufactured by DIN standard for insuring the insulators
 electrical and mechanical performance, as well as all 
dimensionalspecifications and requirements.

Color:brown or light gray
Standard: DIN

Basic Data

Fig No 1 1 1 2
Type st-10/J st-15/J st-20/J P-20-D
Main dimensions,mm H 130 150 185 185
h 55 60 65 52.63
D 135 150 175 175
d 31 31 35 27.78
R1 10 10 10 10
R2 12.5 12.5 12.5 12.5
Nominal voltage kV 10 15 20 20
Creepage Distance mm 240 270 340 340
Power Frequency Punture Voltage kV 110 120 140 140
Eletronical Failing load kN 12 12 14.7 14.7
Min. Power Frequency Flashover Voltage Dry, kV 70 75 90 80
Min. Power Frequency Flashover Voltage Wet, kV 42 53 65 50
50% Critical impulse Flashover(min) 100 110 130 130
Weight kg 1.5 2.7 1.4 3.8


Type PD-1T PD-1M PD-2T PD-2M PD-2W
Fit. No 3 3 3 3 4
H 145 220 125 195 155
h 80 80 66 66 66
h1 50 5 45 45 45
h2 35 110 35 105 55
D 80 80 70 70 70
d1 50 50 44 44 44
d2 16 16 12 12 12
R 10 10 8 8 8
R1 10 10 8 8 8

Excellent electrical performance
Unbreakable and light weight
Good heat resistance and cold resistance
Good chemical stability
High rigidity and toughness
Easiest handing and transportation
Water repelling surface
Long service life
Non-toxic, non-standing and recyclable

Choose our products! Youll get
1) Good quality guarantee (2 years)
2) Factory direct prices
3) On time delivery
4) Free sample
5) Professional technology support 

Strict quality controls have been taken to ensure that youll get reliable products. 
a. Material checks before production. 
b. Random inspection during production. 
c. Inspection before the shipment. 

Our products fully comply with well recognized standards such as IEC, BS, ANSI. 

1. Q: Do you have a catalog? Can you send me the catalog to have a check of all your products? 
A: Yes, We have product catalog. Please contact us, well send our catalog by E-mail

2 Q: I can’t find the product on your catalog, can you make this product for me? 
A: Our catalog shows most of our products but not all. If you couldnt find it, let us know the specification of your requirements, it usually takes 20-30 days for us to design and make new moulds which match your requirements.  

3 Q: Whats your payment term? 
A: The price FOB Ningbo under payment term is 50% T/T in advance and the balance before shipment.   


We are China DIN Pin Type Porcelain Insulators High Voltage manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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