Yjv Yjlv 0.6/1kv Copper/Aluminum Core XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Power Cable

                Yjv Yjlv 0.6/1kv Copper/Aluminum Core XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Power Cable
              manufacture and supplier

Yjv Yjlv 0.6/1kv Copper/Aluminum Core XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Power Cable image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Wire Core Material
Cu or Al




Transport Package
Wooden Drum, Steel-Wooden Drum



Production Capacity

Product Description

0.6/1KV Copper/aluminum core XLPE insulated steel wire armoured(SWA) power cable

Application:0.6/1kV XLPE insulated power cable is used indoor or outdoor, in tunnel, cable furrow or pipe. It is able to bear external mechanical forces, but the tractive force during laying.

Standards :  IEC 60502,BS 5467, NF C 32-322 ,DIN,etc

Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um) : 0.6/1 KV

Conductor: Copper  or Aluminum

Conductor shape : Stranded circular or shaped (sector) conductor

Cores number: 1C, 2C, 3C,4C,5C, 3C+1E,4C+1E,3C+2E

Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)  or  PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with multi color.

Armor: non-armor, steel tape armored, steel wire armored, aluminum wire armoured , aluminum tape armoured.

Sheath: PVC / PE/ LSZH

Sheath Color: Black or Colors as your request.

Range of Nominal cross section: 1.5 mm2 ~ 630 mm2


Usage characteristics:

Max. conductor temperature in service:                    90°C

Short-circuit max. conductor temperature:               250°C

Operating temperature, range :                                 -25 .. 90°C


Flame retardant cables can be available by the special request.

Water blocking cables can be available by the special request.

Certificate: ISO ,CE , SGS, SONCAP , BV , ETC.

Dear friends,we can design and produce power cable with International  and national standards according to your request

Our company

Yifang Electric group mainly specialized in wire&cables,including designment,production and sale.

Products are mainly covering low,medium,high voltage(1KV to 220KV) XLPE Insulated power cable,PVC insulated power cable,ABC cable,building cable control cable,rubber cable welding cable Etc.

Our XLPE cable can be manufactured according to the company’s specification which is equivalent to IEC 60502,IEC60332,IEC60754. Some indexes are superior to above international standard.

Our certificate


1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company? 
 A: Manufacturing base in Henan ,China, with more than 500 workers.

2.Q:How can I visit there? 
 A: Sure,If you need,we will arrange the driver to pick you up. 

3.Q:How can I get some samples? 
 A: Contact me on below,Determin sample and address for shipping.  

4.Q:Have you ever supplied cables to our country? 
 A: Yifang Cables have been sold to over 100 countries and regions in the world. can you contact me for details.

5.Q:What is your MOQ? 
A: MOQ Normally 500 meters for big diameter cables.Please contact me for detail info if you have specific cable requirement. 

6. Q:When can I get the price? 
A: Usually quote within 6 hours after we get your inquiry. 

7.Q:How long is your delivery time?
 A: According to your order’s quantity.Usually our lead time is 3 – 20 working days.

We are China Yjv Yjlv 0.6/1kv Copper/Aluminum Core XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) Power Cable manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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