Aircell Used in Transformer Capsule Oil Conservator Rubber Capsule Custom Made Air Cell

                Aircell Used in Transformer Capsule Oil Conservator Rubber Capsule Custom Made Air Cell
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Aircell Used in Transformer Capsule Oil Conservator Rubber Capsule Custom Made Air Cell image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Oil Conservator Aircell

Transport Package
Wooden Case

As per drawing



HS Code

Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
200.00cm * 300.00cm * 500.00cm

Package Gross Weight

Product Description

AIR CELL USDED FOR Metal  Corrugated Oil Conservator for Transformer


The function of transformer oil conservator

(1) To ensure that the transformer oil tank is filled with oil at any temperature and operating conditions.

(2) In order to ensure the reliable immersion of the transformer body and the lower part of the bushing into oil, ensure safe operation, and reduce the design size of the bushing.

(3) Transformer oil only comes into contact with air inside the conservator (some even have capsule respirators), reducing the contact surface with air and reducing the chances of moisture and oxidation of transformer oil. The oil temperature inside the conservator is lower than that in the oil tank, which also slows down the oxidation rate and helps to slow down oil aging.

(4) A gas relay can be installed in the middle of the connecting pipe between the conservator and fuel tank.

(5) The moisture absorbed by transformer oil from the air will deposit in the bottom collector of the oil conservator for regular discharge, preventing moisture from entering the oil tank.

Transformer oil conservator form

There are three types of transformer oil conservators: ripple type, capsule type, and diaphragm type.

Working principle of transformer oil conservator

When the volume of transformer oil expands or decreases with the temperature of the oil, the oil conservator plays a role in regulating the oil volume and ensuring that the transformer oil tank is frequently filled with oil. If there is no oil conservator, the fluctuation of the oil level in the fuel tank will bring the following adverse factors: firstly, when the oil level decreases, the exposed iron core and coil parts will affect heat dissipation and insulation; Secondly, as the oil level fluctuates, air is discharged and sucked in from the cracks in the box cover, and due to the high temperature of the upper oil layer, the oil quickly oxidizes and becomes damp. The oil level of the conservator is smaller than that of the fuel tank, which can reduce the contact surface between oil and air, and prevent oil from being oxidized and damp too quickly. The third reason is that the oil in the conservator hardly participates in the circulation inside the tank during normal times. Its temperature is much lower than that of the upper oil in the tank, and the oxidation process of the oil is also much slower. Therefore, with an oil conservator, it can prevent excessive oxidation of the oil.

Transformer oil mark temperature

The general oil level indicator should be marked at 20 ° C, which refers to the standard position for the oil level indicator when the external temperature (also known as ambient temperature) is 20 ° C. If it exceeds that position, it indicates that there is too much oil in the transformer oil conservator and it should be drained (the conservator serves to regulate the transformer oil)

Technical Parameter for Internal Oil Conservator

Simple Diagram for Internal Oil Conservator


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