Shunt Reactor with on Load Tap Changer 20mva 132kv Oil Type Three Phase Shunt Reactor

                Shunt Reactor with on Load Tap Changer 20mva 132kv Oil Type Three Phase Shunt Reactor
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Shunt Reactor with on Load Tap Changer 20mva 132kv Oil Type Three Phase Shunt Reactor image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Frequency Characteristics
Power Frequency

Shape of Core

Core Type Reactor


Transport Package
Export Standard Safety Transportation Package

According to outline drawing



HS Code

Production Capacity
1000sets Per Year

Product Description

Adjustable capacity oil type three phase shunt  reactor with load switch (OLTC)

Coarse and fine tuning of on load capacity regulating parallel reactors for use in 132kV substations. By selecting coarse and fine adjustment methods, 17 levels of graded capacitance adjustment were achieved, with a range of 8Mvar to 20Mvar. The coil, body, lead, and fuel tank structure were optimized. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, low loss, low temperature rise, small partial discharge, low noise, and light weight.
▪  Product Usage
With the increasing dependence of urban economy and residents on electricity, countries are paying more attention to ensuring the stability of the power system and achieving electricity safety. Adjustable capacity parallel reactors adapt to unstable power grid environments, further ensuring the stability and safety of power grid operation, and have broad market space in countries around the world, especially in countries with unstable power grids. The BKST-2000/132 on load capacity regulation parallel reactor for this project has a capacity range of 8Mvar to 20Mvar (40% to 100%), with a larger capacity regulation range. The noise requirement is 65dB, and the loss is 50kW. The noise and loss requirements are very high, making the design difficult.

▪  product mix
This product is a three-phase, oil immersed self cooling, iron core 132kV on load adjustable capacity parallel reactor product. The three-phase five column iron core is compressed by high-strength tension screws; Using coarse and fine adjustment switches to adjust capacity, and using neutral point adjustment method; The main coil leads out at the end, and the high-pressure sleeve is led out from the fuel tank cover. The radiator is directly installed on the fuel tank; Compact structure. The product capacity is divided into 17 levels, with a range of 40% -100% variation in product capacity.

▪  Product technical parameters ▪  Technical characteristics and innovation points
01 Coarse and fine tuning coil structure, the coil is sequentially arranged from the inside out as the main coil, coarse tuning coil, and fine tuning coil. The main coil and coarse tuning coil are continuous end inlet structures.
02 has optimized and improved the coil design and main insulation design, and compared with the central incoming line structure, the coil has a higher duty cycle utilization ratio.
The 03 on load capacity adjustment coarse fine adjustment parallel reactor is a brand new structure. The main insulation oil gap size of the reactor has been optimized and calculated to ensure product safety margin.
The 04 lead structure is arranged reasonably, with all taps of each phase clamped together. The structure is compact and the layout is reasonable. All leads are led out on the same side, saving fuel tank space.


Technical Parameter 

BKD2-30000/66KV SHUNT REACTOR                                                                                  Vibration
MODEL Rated capacity (kvar) Rated Voltage (kv) Rated Current (A) Rated Impedance
Rated Loss (kw) Outside Dimension
Average  um
BKD2-30000/550KV 30000 66kv 94.5   75 L 5260 W4915 H10090 75 80 60 20

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